With age, a number of changes occur in the human body that reduce efficiency, energy, mobility ... A rather low level of physical activity limits the range of motion over time, weakens the functionality of a number of muscle structures, and makes joints less mobile. Like the parts of any mechanism that rub against each other, joints wear out very quickly under adverse conditions. In case of damage or disease of the joint, the possibilities of free movement are significantly reduced. It is then that we understand how important the joints are for the normal functioning of the body. Movement plays an important role in joint health. If the movement is not enough or limited by something, then at a certain period of life, even the most mobile joints can be transformed into motionless ones.

Your attention is presented to the warm-up complex of articular gymnastics, which consists of simple, biomechanically correct movements, which, with systemic and regular practice, heal and, in most cases, restore joints.

The healing effect is manifested in:

  • increasing the elasticity and flexibility of body tissues,
  • activation of recovery processes,
  • intensive formation of new blood vessels,
  • beneficial effect on articular surfaces, minimizing cartilage wear,
  • activation of the synthesis of lubricating synovial fluid,
  • improving the elasticity of the ligaments and tendons surrounding the joints, which increases and maintains the range of motion,
  • embellishment of the muscular corset...

The complex is best performed in the morning, with full concentration of attention in those parts of the body with which the interaction takes place. The number of cyclic repetitions of one movement must be a multiple of 12 or higher (but not more than 108).

The target audience is not limited by any indicators.


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Warm-up «Joint gymnastics»

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