A series of workouts "Yoga Slim" to improve carbohydrate metabolism in the body, and the formation of a slender, toned body. All workouts were specially designed by an experienced trainer Anna Bezlyudnaya, and then tested and tested in practice on many trainees.

The Yoga Slim series is aimed at improving the understanding of your body and the characteristics of your body. Losing weight by working on yourself and on the characteristics of your carbohydrate metabolism in the body. Strengthen the strengths and refine the weaknesses of the practice is his main goal.

We recommend doing lighter workouts in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach. More complex complexes are best performed in the daytime or in the evening. You can go back to the same workout multiple times and get better each time. Performing regularly a series of Yoga Slim workouts, you will feel an improvement in the functioning of the body and see positive changes in your body.

Successful practice!


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