Andrey Sidersky about Psychotronic Art

Сидерский Андрей

Andrey Sidersky, teacher of the Yoga Workout Self-Adjustment System, artist, author of books, translator of esoteric texts, spoke about how he began to draw.


Andrey Vladimirovich… When and why did you design your first image in the “Psychotronic Art” format?

“I have been drawing since childhood. I've been doing this since I was three years old. He studied at the art studio of Naum Ostashinsky. I even thought about entering the art institute, which is now the Academy. However, it was clear there that I would not do it the first time due to various, let's say, organizational and administrative nuances ...

What do you have in mind?

- Then there was such a pretty tough alignment. There was a quota for graduates of the Republican Art School…

Here, in Kyiv?

- Well, yes, the one on Syrets. And the remaining places were occupied by those who took exams after the preparatory department or just like that, but as a rule, they did not do it the first time, even if, in general, everything was fine. There were certain, as I understand it, regulations. And I didn’t have a second or third year - I really didn’t want to go to the army, because I spent my first and second grades in boarding schools and, let’s say, I went through sufficient “socialization”. And once again I did not want to go through the same thing in the Soviet army. Therefore, I decided that I would not enter the art institute. I tried to study architecture in construction, but I realized that construction is not for me, and I don’t want to tie myself to Soviet construction, I spat on art, entered the KPI, where I entered with a guaranteed nine-point system, because I had a good certificate. There were two mathematicians, and I knew mathematics well and, of course, I entered there.

But what about drawing?

“But I still didn’t stop drawing… And I ended up in Ostashinsky’s school because Ostashinsky himself asked me to go there. He insisted that my parents take me there ... I was three and a half years old, he saw a plasticine airplane in my bus and immediately quickly “ran into” my mother, saying “What are you? A child with such abilities! And where is he?!? Why is he still not in my studio?!? Well, that's how it went, went, went. But I drew more for myself, some such things ...

Then he did oil paintings in such a surrealistic manner. And then such a story happened - my mother fell ill ... She was operated on, and then she underwent chemotherapy courses, as a result of which her liver practically stopped working normally. And she just asked me: “Draw me some picture. I know that you can do it ... Draw some picture that would support me. At least morally."

And did you draw?

- I sat in some kind of meditative trance and saw a picture. Pictured her. And this picture of my mother always hung in the room until the end of her life. Mom lived after that for about twenty-five years, probably ... The liver, of course, did not fully recover, but at least it did not interfere with life.

What was that image?

- Such a flower ... I also painted the picture in oil and in such a manner, some kind of transitional from surrealism to some kind of ornamental abstraction, or something ... Now I will show this picture ... It is on the site, it hangs in my house. Mom died, she was already quite old, and I took this picture for myself ... In the course of working on this picture, I understood how this is done, how exactly to “shoot” an image from the “inner screen”, corresponding to one or another restructuring of space, or retransmission in space of some structuring principles… And I started to do it…


Photo: Painting for mother

You had her on Facebook as a profile photo for a while...

- Yes. This is my last oil painting in this manner.

What year is this?

- This is 1991. October ninety-one ... And, even after that there was a lot of work - I fiddled with it for several months - but after it there was a break ... a long one ... now I will find it ... also in this manner, but already a little towards abstraction shifted. There, the perspective was removed and all this was collected in such images in the plane ... Here it is! This is also 1991. What month, I don't remember... I graduated in November, probably... Or in December. All. After that there was abstraction. But before it - almost 10 years of break ...

Ten years?

- Almost yes ... Until 2000. Because we lived in Khrushchev, little children... oil, thinner...

As they say: "no time for songs" ...

- Not in this case. It’s just that, well ... the stench stood, working, which I understood - there’s no need to poison children and stopped doing it. And then, in the year 2000, one comrade from Dnepropetrovsk, Seryozha Mishchenko, asked me to do a job for him in order to increase the turnover of his company. This was the first abstract work. It was called " A marvelous pair of magical beasts invades the field of fate " . For the year he raised the turnover two and a half times. Then he said: Yes! I understand! So, please make me a series of works for the office! » . I made him a series of works for the office, quite a lot. He also seems to like the way they work. Because after that he said: OK! So, let's do it, I'm doing your work, I will act as an art dealer " . And, in fact, it was at his suggestion that I had exhibitions in the UK, in Switzerland, in Germany, in the USA ... He started working on the art market and tried to promote this direction there. There were interesting results, of course... And there were very interesting exhibitions in Moscow at that time. At that time, we were still doing well, more or less. And in the process of work, people have already begun to appear, some through him, some themselves came, set a task, asked to do something for them, either for business, or for a family home, or for health ... And I worked out the principles on this material. That is, how to set a task, how to form energy-informational prerequisites, how to take an image from the “ internal screen , corresponding to the solution of this problem, and came up with a technique of how to convey it on canvas ...


Final Rain over the Realm of Eternal Sleep (1991)

The transmission technique in this case is more physics, right? The laws of refraction of light, colors ...

Well, what exactly is a picture? A picture is a kind of plane on which there is a certain combination of shapes and colors. And this combination of shapes and colors reflects the incident light and also reflects non-optical waves incident on the surface of the work. And accordingly, the reflected energy forms in the space where the work is located, a certain structure of the electromagnetic field. And perhaps not only him. In fact, from my experience and yogic practice, and from working with pictures, I am inclined to believe that Tesla was right. That this fundamental principle of the world, Akasha… ether, really exists after all, no matter how they try to squeeze it out of scientific concepts, and it works! By itself, the structure of the energy field, which is formed by vibrations reflected from the surface of the canvas, somehow programs the space in the ethereal, some kind of basic, existential matrix field . And you can always find in this field, let's say, some code, abstract description of any phenomenon, object, person, action, anything ... Attention, in this case, is a tool that compares the existing "description" with what the situation needs lead. And then - the question is to calculate a certain algorithmic sequence of actions that allows you to shift the probability of events in the direction of the implementation of the task. And I know how to do it with images.

And how do you understand that, for example, a circle, as a geometric figure, contributes, say ...

- I do not understand this. There is no symbolism in my work. That is, these are absolutely not symbolic things. This is precisely the combination of shapes and colors that affect the electromagnetic field and the state of the ethereal " substrate " . It's not at the level of understanding. This is at the level of knowledge. It makes absolutely no difference to me what pieces will be there and how they will be distributed. I need to see the whole picture. It works very interesting! The brain is like an antenna, it removes information and starts projecting the result of “ meditative search onto the inner screen . And, when the process is going on, the pictures on the screen change. They are modified, they are adjusted, refined, some details are added, some are left ... And, in the end, when the picture stops and stops transforming, I understand that, yes, I got the result. And just transfer to the canvas. And what technique I use in this case - well, it depends on the image. And, in principle, I had to come up with a technique, because I use new materials, I use acrylic. Acrylic allows you to significantly expand the range of possible techniques. Because there are pictorial techniques that are used both in oil painting and watercolor painting, and allow some graphic elements to be introduced there ... Very good material - both the coating density and the volume of paint, because in fact there is one more aspect , which is programmed by inscribing certain aspects into the volumes of paint on the canvas ... Only this is not so much related to the reflected flow, but to some, in fact, the property of " sculptural " , or something, images, some kind of " relief " ... And I had to come up with a technique for this case too ...

The very first painting of yours that was sold was the one about the "Wonderful Pair of Magical Beasts"?

— Well, yes, this painting was sold first. Then a whole set for the office was sold ... Then I made a large order for one of my friends ... Well, now he is already my friend, in the Dnieper ... There the order was large, and I sold it well and earned a lot then ... And then it went- gone and gone and now I don’t even remember ...


The Five Magic Things


The Golden Line (2016)


The Transition (2015)

Is it a business now?

No, this is not a business. A business is something that gives you a steady income. Now it still remains a work of art for me. Suppose, if there are no sales, I still do not stop. Because I myself am curious to get all sorts of interesting, entertaining results ... And now, for example, in my yoga practice, I focused more on the application of hatha yoga for its intended purpose. And its purpose was described in " Hatha Yoga Pradipika " by Swatmarama ( Swami Swatmarama is a yogic sage, author of the treatise " Hatha Yoga Pradipika " ) with one phrase: " Only for the sake of achieving Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga makes sense " . That is, only in order to learn to control the behavior of the mind, it makes sense to perform all these " exercises " ! And there a very complex effect is obtained - both due to the physiological impact, and due to the " code " action of the exercises ... This is such an interesting process ... And only in this respect I am now interested in everything that I do as a " yogi character " .

Now I am trying, if I am to pull out an image, then an image that helps people who are in the space of influence of pictures, to enter a state that Patanjali ( a systematizer of yoga, compiler of the work Yoga Sutra ) described as vayragyam - this is background silence - control of processes in the field of gamma frequencies, this is detachment - control of processes in the upper part of the beta range, and this is a stop - stop the internal dialogue, control of processes in the field of intelligent information processing, these are processes in the brain that are characterized by the lower part of the beta range . And if this succeeds, then the processes of the alpha range begin to activate in a person, and then the entrance to all sorts of more interesting things opens up for him ... And this is interesting to me, and I still do it. And if there are any specific tasks, then I perform specific tasks.



How many paintings do you have in your house?

- I have, for a moment, a large three-story house and paintings hang on all floors. All free walls are hung with paintings. There are many of them...

What are they about?

– Everything is the same – bringing space into a vibrational state, in which a person, if he resonates naturally, enters the state of the basis of “ raja yoga , that is, the basis on which you can further develop the ability to control the activity of the mind, control emotional states, manage the internal dialogue, well, such things ...

Were there such stories when people who visited you, returning to their homes, called and said that they were able to observe something unusual and they also want a picture for themselves?

- It often happens. Well, that's kind of the norm.

So, after such visits, you were contacted?

- They contact me all the time. And those who work with me, and those who communicate with me. If, of course, they can afford it. Because it's really worth it to me...

How many?

- Well ... Somehow I don’t know if it’s possible to talk about it ...

How do you want...

— Well, let's put it this way… The prices are very different – depending on the format, the complexity of the work, on its purpose… But in any case, no less than fifteen thousand…

In what currency?

- In Euro. But fifteen are works of small formats, which do not take much time. Larger formats - 25, 26 thousand. The most serious sale I had was for 100 thousand dollars, this one job was gone. And so - sales from 35 to 80 - such an order of prices.

Who hangs this, your most expensive picture?

- From a businessman named Mikhail. She, by the way, is with him in Kyiv. He has many works in Moscow, in France there are my works, but this work hangs in Kyiv.

Was it that you just gave a picture?

Yes, it happens regularly...

And the very first, do not remember, except for my mother?

— Well, first of all, I give pictures to my grandchildren for their birthdays. Because this is also a plus for them when they grow up, because prices, I think, will not get lower ... And for them, in extreme cases, there is always a cushion . And so, I give to friends, the same Misha ... Another friend of mine, also a big businessman, whose name is Maxim. I often make works and give them to friends.



If a complete stranger asked you for a picture as a gift, were there such stories and how did it end?

- There were such stories, but I don’t fall for ” such things.

So there is a "filter"?

- Certainly. If I give a picture, then I give it to a person whom I know well and with whom something connects me ... And if it’s just like that, no, I don’t do that. It won't be right. Once I made such an experiment. I went to meet these numerous requests and made it like an auction on Facebook ... I just posted a photo of the work from the workshop and wrote: Guys, here is your chance to snatch it quickly for a small price. But still there, one of my regular customers interrupted all prices and took this work. By the way, she already has a collection, and she bought this work for her collection. She was lucky - it still turned out to be less than the usual price - six and a half or seven thousand euros, something like that, I don’t remember exactly ... I don’t sell works for that kind of money. Well, people who don’t have the opportunity at all ... after all, they didn’t succeed. Yes, and I think it's wrong. Because the market is the market. He dictates certain conditions, he is formed, there is a range of prices, there are many people who paid this money, and in general it would be dishonest in relation to them to " dump " work for next to nothing. It's just not correct. One experiment - okay, good! But this should not be introduced into the rule, because it is so bad!

Exhibitions… Where was your most successful experience and why?

- They are all interesting. They are slightly different. I had an exhibition, a big first exhibition in which I participated, in London at the " Olympia Grand Hall " art show On the Wall. There were more than two thousand authors represented there, and I just realized that what I was doing was not amateurism, not amateurism, and that critics and professionals were understanding and accepting this. It went so far that the organizers of the exhibition asked one of my works to be hung in such a way that it would meet visitors and set them up in the right direction. And this is not because they were told something there. It was just that they walked, looked, looked and said: You can hang this work here, because it will be very useful for our exhibition. Then there was a very interesting personal exhibition in London, at the Gallery in the Cork Street - not far from the Royal Academy of Arts. There I was interested to see the reaction of professional artists. They walked, looked, tried the picture with their fingernails ... Then they asked: How do you do it at all?!? Tell! » . Moreover, the teachers of the Academy of Arts, such guys for 50-60 years old, who understand a lot about materials, understand a lot about technology ... They say: How do you do it at all?!? " ... There was a very good exhibition recently, by the way, in Kiev ...

At the History Museum?

- Yes. Very good reaction. People constantly came, and it was clear that people use the work for its intended purpose. That is, people came, sat there for hours, meditated, somehow caught these effects. And the reaction of the museum staff was the most interesting - the hall with my works was just next to the office block, and they said that it’s good that we go to this hall, it helps us to work and we really like that we have this exhibition here . By the way, this was the first exhibition in Ukraine. There were exhibitions in England, in London, at the Wotton House estate - the home of the first British ambassador to Ukraine, in New York, at Amsterdam Whitney's Gallery, the daughter of the former mayor of the city, in Munich in a large municipal space ... All that were were very interesting . By the way, I thought up to a certain point that I was the first to come up with and formulate psychotronic abstraction ...

And it turned out?

— Rajasthan… 16th-17th century… Maybe the tradition was formed earlier… In any case, it exists, it exists. People do these works, use them in meditation… It’s all with a beard , everything has been working for a long time…

Did you find out about this recently?

- Yes. And recently discovered Hilma Af Klint. ( Artist and mystic, the first representative of abstract painting ) Swedish artist, who a few years before Kandinsky ( Vasily Kandinsky - Russian painter, graphic artist and theorist of fine arts, one of the founders of abstract art ) and Malevich ( Kazimir Malevich - Ukrainian avant-garde artist, founder of Suprematism - one of the earliest manifestations of modern abstract art ) began to make abstract works. But, unlike Kandinsky and Malevich, who discovered psychological and philosophical abstraction, symbolic, code abstraction, she did really psychotronic things… Hilma Af Klint created abstract works before Kandinsky and Malevich, as it turned out…

And by the way, she forbade in her will to show these works for another twenty years after her death ...

She apparently suspected that there would be someone else who would come to this. Prior to this idea of abstract art... She was right, and our compatriots successfully implemented this wonderful project.

Andrey Vladimirovich, how is the order for the painting?

- I'm telling! One of my friends had a very difficult period of transition to another business at one of the crisis moments, he was very tired and stopped sleeping. He came to me and said: It's like this, I can't sleep. I just can't sleep! I’m already exhausted and I just don’t know what to do with it ... Can you think of something? » . I replied that ok, I'll figure it out. He sat and sat, calculated the image, made a picture for him in a couple of weeks! He arrived, took the picture, left satisfied ... About a month later they come with his wife, and he tells me ... Listen ... Here we have such a problem with your picture ... " . I say, " What's the problem? What does not work? "" No, it works! The problem is that he sleeps very well! But… there is no sex! » . I say, What do you mean? " ... " Well, we just reach, we just fall on the pillow ... and turn off completely! And in the morning you already wake up when you need to run to work ... And nothing can be done about it! » . I say: Wait… What did you ask me to do? Did you want to sleep? I did! "" So yes! Everything is fine! But what to do now? We checked all the doctors… Everything is perfect! Everything is fine! Somehow this issue needs to be resolved! » . I say: Listen ... Move the bed a meter away from the wall where the picture hangs! » . All. Everything is balanced! This is a funny story. There were several. But this one is the most fun. There were some more serious situations. They ask, for example: I have a difficult situation in my life ... With business, with competition, I need to somehow increase the efficiency of my action! » . This happens quite often.

Has it ever happened that a person ordered an image in order to use it to harm other people?

“I don't do those things. And in general, I filter the people I let in with requests for images very strongly. Here was an order for a two-story house, so that unwanted guests would not pass to the top floor. I did. Triptych - " Triple game with five unknowns " . But after a while, this friend asked to correct the work. Because only family members went upstairs. Even friends could not, felt awkward and went downstairs. And I had to make a compensatory triptych, which balanced this matter. But! When he was set up and the UBEP came to him to deal with the documents, they could not be in the office. They sat in the office for a bit, then they said, they say, we will go downstairs, and you bring us documents! And although this is a violation of their instructions, it is nevertheless a fact. It was.

How is your yoga work displayed in pictures?

“I have now begun to do jobs that function more tightly and more efficiently. More radical. Again, because the guys who study with me appeared, they got pictures, they started making them and they are good at it ... successfully, right. I believe there is an expansion of coverage. Somehow I try to support them. And I put likes if I find somewhere on the Internet. That is, I understand that there is a direction, the direction has been announced, the direction has already begun, and I no longer need to invest in popularization. In the same way, those new and more radical aspects that I find, I also keep and no longer tell anyone how I do it. Who will calculate - okay! But no one has figured it out yet...

In order for such images to appear, and you can "remove them from the inner screen", you need to be a strong yoga practitioner?

- Not necessary. There are people who are talented by nature. Especially young people now - their brain works very interestingly, many people have a very interesting mood. And they calculate some things easily, for which our generation had to plow for 20 years. Both in terms of practice and in terms of art, there are now the most interesting phenomena among the youth, and I am very glad that there has been some kind of leap in the evolution of consciousness, and more and more such people appear.

And yet, is there an equal sign between your psychotronic technology of constructing functional images and yoga?

- Yes. These are related things. And, indeed, the word " art " is a little different - it's technology. Art is an expression of oneself. And here you need to remove yourself as much as possible, based on this notorious state of " vairagyam " - silence, detachment, stopping the internal dialogue. And, I would conditionally say that these are essential manifestations, and not personal ones. In art, there are masters who act from there … But this is different.

Still, back to the question of perspective ...

“I don’t care too much about the prospect. I just work and do not bother what will happen. Just like with this " yogi " - I do what I feel appropriate and timely, if I can not do it. If I can not do ... Only I'm a workaholic, so I can't do anything at all.

Andrei Vladimirovich, what is the most important thing?

- The most important? Sense of humor. Sense of humor and optimism. Because without it ... you can not have time ...


Interviewed by: Slava Varda for STYLER