Tatyana Illarionova about personal experience: the path from a bank employee to a yogini

Илларионова Татьяна

In November 2016, I first came to the yoga conference "Our Yoga", where I met a lot of wonderful people who made a huge impression on me. One of them was Tanya, who was impossible not to notice, her beauty and energy attracted special attention. I became very interested in how she came to this lifestyle, and how much yoga influenced her worldview.

Tatiana Illarionova

Why yoga? Do you remember your first lesson?

— I was inspired to yoga by an interest in something new. By nature, I am interested in many things in life, and as a teenager, I was simply torn from the desire to engage in all possible sports and sports activities. Now I understand that yoga is not about sports.

Tatiana Illarionova

I was 17 years old when I came to my first lesson. We practiced in the basement on Plyushchikha and the lady put everyone on their heads at the end of the lesson. I was physically fit and had a lot of fun standing upside down.

It was the second year of the University, I studied at the Moscow State University, went in for sports for myself and loved sausages with ketchup.

The mood then was very often bad, I did not understand why I was born in this body, at this time and with these parents and sports 6 times a week pulled me out of different states.

How many years in yoga? Who did you study with?

— I have been practicing for 15 years, teaching 7 of them, and only 4 years ago I left VTB24 Bank, where I worked in the investment department with securities. That is, I taught for 3 years and worked at the main job.

Tatiana Illarionova

I studied in a lot of places and this process continues: Sidersky Andrey Vladimirovich is the author of the Yoga23 methodology, I studied with him and have been walking side by side for 11 years. Ragozin Boris - my Ayurveda teacher, Dharma Mittra and Ana Forrest - respected American teachers, although both of them are not Native Americans, Andrey Lappa - took his 200 hour course, studied at the training for teachers of Kundalini yoga, took the 200 hour course of the American Yoga Alliance , where there were many different teachers, I studied visceral therapy with Ogulov A.T., a yoga course for pregnant women with experienced Moscow teachers, a course in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga with David Swensen, a small course in yoga therapy with Yulia Sinyavskaya and now I am studying at the most powerful yoga therapy course with Serezha Agapkin. I definitely studied somewhere else and forgot to mention it, you have to look at the whole stack of your certificates to remember.

What thoughts are you waking up with right now?

— I wake up with an empty background of consciousness and consider it a good result of my practice, and then I turn on my mind and understand that every day is unique and such a day will not happen again, I smile at this day and go for warm water.

Many people are afraid to go to yoga, because they immediately imagine people tied in a knot, standing on their hands, sitting on splits, and the average person over 30 years old with straight legs does not reach the floor, what kind of yoga is there?

- This is where the question must be asked: people tied in knots, but do they do yoga? Now gymnastic “PA” has begun to be called yoga, which is sad and which is not at all true. I will say more, if these people, who are tied in knots, stay in this knot for 3 hours and 48 minutes (as it should be and is described in the texts for the complete and total mastery of asana), then yes, they are doing real yoga.

Tatiana Illarionova

As Bal Mukund Singh (disciple of Dhirenda Brahmacharya) told me:

“If a person jumps, runs, sits on twine and ties into knots and that’s all, then he is a monkey. And the monkeys do it much better.”

The inner aspect is primary, and working with the body is therapy at best, antics at worst.

In yoga, there are many interesting and effective things besides knots, and each age has its own approach, and for any person you can choose a good, competent program, taking into account his age and body characteristics. My answer: at any age, you can and should turn to yoga therapy if the body needs support.

Tell me how you eat now?

- I stopped eating meat and poultry a year later, as I started to practice, and purely for practical reasons: sports training was better without meat, the speed was higher and the reaction was higher. Then I went to India, looked at the fact that even the dogs there are much happier than ours. I thought: “Here, they don’t eat meat and therefore they are not at all aggressive, but on the contrary, they are very nice and friendly.” So the meat went away almost by itself.

Tatiana Illarionova

She stopped eating fish after two years, when she had to kill a carp at some girls' gatherings: the girls bought live carps to cook. I realized that I would take on this fate, I could not eat these carps ... I don’t eat flesh anymore. I love dairy products and eat with pleasure. Sometimes I make myself raw months, there are only two reasons for this: to clean the body or the mind. We are what we eat - this is an axiom.

Where do you teach? Is it difficult to physically improve your body and spirit every day?

— I worked at the Bank for 7 years, now I do what I love: I teach and practice. I teach classes in the network of Yoga Federation centers and head the department of instructors, I have a staff of 135 people.

Tatiana Illarionova

If you perceive the practice as the need to do something on the rug several times a week, then it will be difficult. But if you live according to your conscience every second of your life and remember about yame-niyama and, if possible, apply it in life, then this is a miracle.

Tatiana Illarionova

Not to experience anger, envy, greed, fear, to be calm and serene… This is the best state, that's what yoga is about.

Favorite movie and book. What would you recommend for yoga?

- Book: "Master and Margarita", film: "Girls".

There are a number of good instruction books on yoga, and almost all of them were written at least 100 years ago. All books are known: take the Vedas (if you can figure it out there), Yoga Sutras, Swatmarama (this is the author), Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Yoga Deepika, etc. I highly recommend the books of Theos Bernard - this is the most powerful practitioner of the early 20th century, where he described his path and talked about techniques.

How do you feel about yoga in fitness centers?

- Doubly so. Often there are fitness trainers who simply show fitness and include asanas there. Although, my few colleagues and strong instructors teach fitness classes... they try.

Tatiana Illarionova

In fitness, people buy an annual card and go to everything, including yoga, some can afford to come or leave in the middle of a class, that is, they have little respect for the work of a teacher. Well, if the teacher is good and the audience is adequate, then it doesn’t matter where to practice.

If a person wants to practice at home, where do you recommend getting information on the Internet?

- There are a number of Internet resources where video lessons are posted, for example: yoga-masters.com . There are also some of my lessons.

Favorite places in Moscow for recreation?

- I like to walk near the Novodevichy Convent, go to the cinema in 5 stars and Pioneer. And if you eat, then this is the Receptor cafe, Darbars, Avocado, Moscow-Delhi, Soup cafe, Coffeemania, Ginza has good places. I usually rest not in places, but in good company, the place is already secondary.

Tatiana Illarionova

A few tips that you would like as many people as possible to follow.

— I can share my 4 rules of a happy life:

  1. go to bed tonight
  2. live according to your conscience
  3. listen to your intuition
  4. start your morning with a smile and a glass of warm water



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