A recording of a master class in which Andrey Sidersky analyzes in detail, for more than 3 and a half hours, all the technique of performing Yang Qigong of the Ying style. He paid special attention to the typical mistakes that even quite experienced practitioners make when doing Yang Qigong. Also answered questions.

This video will be useful to anyone who wants to achieve the perfect performance of this qigong complex. But please note that this video is a great help in learning the technique, but in order to fully master the complex, you will need the help of a qualified trainer who will note and correct the inevitable inaccuracies in your performance of the exercises. You will not see them yourself, as this requires extensive experience in the practice of the complex and special coaching training.



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Ying Style Yang Qigong | Execution technique and «energetic meaning of movements»

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Полный разбор техники выполнения, стандартных ошибок, нюансов, особенностей.