R. Gammenthaler «Kundalini Yoga Parampara. Living tradition of kundalini yoga»: Review

Сидерский Андрей

In the imprint of the book on the back of the title page after the word "publisher" we see only a colon and ... emptiness. Significant ... However, the ISBN looks even more interesting: X-XXX-XX-XXXXXX-X. Yes, the book has an unprecedentedly frank section on the real attitude of hatha yoga to sex - with a detailed description of the relevant practices, their real impact, physical and sacred meaning. Without the slightest hint of the extremes common in "esoteric" circles - cheap sentimentality and benevolently allegorical "spiritually oriented" romanticism or total licentiousness and vulgarity, covered up by high-flown chatter about universal love and total unity of everything with everything.

In Reinhard's book, everything is precise, simple, physiologically justified, technologically flawless and essentially - why, with whom, when, how, why, what to do to make it work the way it should be ... But with all the frankness of the section on the first fully disclosed in the public In the text of sexual techniques, the book by R. Gammenthaler still hardly deserves the number of "X"s indicated in its ISBN, because it does not conjure up any parallels with the content that is commonly referred to in this way on the World Wide Web ... On the contrary - a feeling of purity, restraint and expediency - these are the main feelings that are steadily formed in perception when reading the "sexually oriented" section of the book. And, of course, the feeling of immeasurable power, a certain all-encompassing and all-penetrating cosmic force behind the tradition, the concepts and techniques of which are expounded without cuts and omissions by the author of the text, penetrating the entire text, every paragraph, every line.

I note - SO full, high-quality and accessible, this is all stated FOR THE FIRST TIME. For the first time in world practice, hatha yoga is presented FULLY as it is, with all the smallest nuances of the technology for activating and raising the mystical power of Kundalini, the awakening of which in a person leads him to the state of raja yoga or “enlightenment”.

Reinhard's book is so powerful, self-sufficient and accurate that it is impossible to call it good, wonderful, beautiful, just as it is impossible to call it bad or not good enough. Its text, like the text of Hatha Yoga Pradipika, is beyond evaluation and judgment. This is an impeccable, in its detached accuracy, presentation of the real primordial hatha yoga “as it is”. Full, dense, even at the level of the first sensation from reading the text, conveying all the strength, power and wisdom of this practical tradition.

For the first time - no cuts in the description of techniques. Even those nuances that were previously allowed only orally are described in detail and with detailed photo illustrations. For example, so far in no book on yoga gymnastics I have come across a direct indication that the main techniques for controlling the distribution of energy in the "etheric" body should always be performed in two mutually compensating variations. As, for example, in the “mirror” pair of “uddiyana-bandha - impact-kriya” or jalandhara-bandha with stretching of both the back and front surfaces of the neck. They either kept silent about this at all - either out of ignorance, or deliberately diverting practitioners from full-fledged practice - or, as it were, slightly hinted, but in such a way that it was not entirely clear what it was about ... But these are fundamental aspects for obtaining the correct full-fledged "ethereal" and "psycho-modulating" effects from the practice of yoga gymnastics and discipline.

There are many places where the technical aspects of practice that have not been openly described so far are revealed - there are many places in the book ... As well as places that clarify well-known information, wiped out beyond recognition by repeated unreasonable repetition, rewriting from each other and thoughtless popularization.

In the book, as well as in the old classical texts devoted to the hatha yogic tradition of practicing raja yoga by controlling the power of kundalini, there is no methodology - and this is another of its undoubted merit. Technique - that's it, but how who will apply it - this is already a matter of specific conditions and predispositions.

Among the representatives of the generation of the Guru, from whom the current fifty-seventy-year-old yoga teachers studied, there were only two figures of universal scale - Shri Yogendra and Dhirendra Brahmachari. There were, and partly still are, in this generation there are many other wonderful masters who have done a great job of presenting and disseminating the most valuable information and have made an invaluable contribution to the development of yoga - honor and praise to them. But those who carried through their lives and through their activities put into the world of people the crystal cosmic power and the immeasurable power of real hatha yoga, in the generation of our immediate predecessors there were only two - Sri Yogendra and Dhirendra Brahmachari. Dhirendra Brahmachari bequeathed to Reinhard Gammenthaler to write a book - the final work of the trilogy once begun by Brahmachari himself. And Reinhard impeccably fulfilled the will of his great Teacher.

For those who need to know what yoga really is, what real kundalini yoga is, it is also hatha yoga as the technical side of raja yoga, Reinhard Gammenthaler's book Kundalini Yoga Parampara. The Living Tradition of Kundalini Yoga” is a text that must be carefully studied.