Yoga of gestures: 6 mudras for every day

Mudras are special combinations of fingers that affect the physical and emotional state. With their help, you can relieve stress, get rid of feelings of anxiety or fatigue, gain inner strength and peace of mind.

Mudra in Sanskrit means "seal" or "castle". There is another version of the origin of the name: "mud" is translated as "joy", and "ra" - "to begin" or "to give". Initially, there were nine mudras, they corresponded to different stages of meditation. Now there are about 180 of them.

How it works?

Someone puts spiritual meaning into mudras, someone perceives it as gymnastics for the fingers, capable of redirecting energy flows in the body. Different positions of the fingers close or release energy channels. In addition, doing this or that mudra, we influence the biologically active points of the palms and fingers.

Each finger of the hand corresponds to a certain energy. The index finger is associated with knowledge, wisdom and self-confidence. The middle one is responsible for patience and the ability to control feelings. Nameless - for health and vitality. The little finger is the creative component of the personality, the ability to see beauty. The thumb is your ego, will and logic.

According to another theory, the action of mudras is based on the reflex connection of each finger with different parts of the body and internal organs. For example, the upper phalanx of the thumb is the "projection" of the head. The ring and middle fingers correspond to the right and left feet, and the little finger and index fingers correspond to the right and left hands.


6 most popular mudras:

1. Mudra "Ladder of the heavenly temple" from depression

Place your hands at the level of the solar plexus. The fingertips of the left hand must be placed between the fingertips of the right hand, and the fingers of the right hand must be at the bottom. Leave the little fingers straight and lift up.

This mudra is best performed without tension.


2. Mudra "Hakini" to improve memory

Connect the fingertips of both hands. The thumbs form a semicircle, the rest form a triangle. Performing this mudra promotes the interaction of the right and left hemispheres. It helps to concentrate or remember forgotten information.


3. Mudra "Lotus" for a positive attitude

This combination is also called "wise happiness." Raise your palms to chest level. Connect the brushes so that they touch only the bases of the palms and fingertips, resembling a lotus bud.

Now open the "bud", while the tips of the little fingers and the sides of the thumbs should remain together. Then slowly connect the tips of all fingers, closing the "bud". Repeat several times.


4. Mudra of the Earth to improve the psycho-emotional state

Connect with light pressure the pads of the ring fingers and thumbs on each hand. Straighten the rest of your fingers. Perform with both hands at the same time.

This mudra can provide emergency assistance in moments of a nervous breakdown, hysteria or severe stress. When performed regularly, it helps to achieve harmony with oneself and improve self-esteem.

5. Mudra of Life to tone up

This mudra increases efficiency and endurance, improves the general condition. Connect the pads of the ring finger, little finger and thumb on each hand. Straighten your index and middle fingers. Perform with both hands at the same time.


6. Mudra "Turtle" for health promotion

The fingers of the right hand interlock with the fingers of the left hand. The thumbs of both hands touch each other with the side parts. Closing the fingers, we block the bases of all the meridians passing through the hands, and form a vicious circle. So we block the leakage of vitality and energy from the body. This mudra is recommended for overwork and diseases of the cardiovascular system.


A video about mudras from Andrey Sidersky is available on our website