Complex “Training of the muscles of the pelvic floor, transverse and internal oblique muscles of the abdomen. Recovery after pregnancy and childbirth ”organically combines various techniques for working with the body: yoga, functional training and elements of Pilates. It can be performed daily in any variant - completely, partially, as a morning exercise, harmoniously integrated into your personal practice. There are no restrictions on the time of day for execution, and some elements can be performed even while standing in line.
Difficulty level is easy. Absolutely everyone can perform this course, and experienced practitioners can find answers to the questions in it, why does the lower back hurt so much and the stomach falls out if I do everything right?

This complex is dedicated to both rehabilitation after pregnancy and childbirth, and prevention of prolapse of the internal organs of women and men at any age, it allows you to visually feel the work of the transverse abdominal muscle and pelvic floor, learn how to activate them when working in various planes of movement, improves blood circulation in the lower abdominal (abdominal) part of the abdomen, which reduces the signs of congestion in the pelvic area in women and the prevention of prostatitis in men.

To perform some elements of the complex, you need a plastic bottle (volume 0.5 l) and a ball with a diameter of 20-25 cm (a Pilates ball is ideal).

The complex consists of:

  • theoretical part and a special exercise for visual activation of the transverse abdominal muscle;
  • breathing techniques;
  • a series of standing exercises;
  • a series of kneeling exercises;
  • a series of exercises lying on your back.


Love it! Рекомендую всім. Особливо актуально для жінок та чоловікіа середнього та старшого віку.

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Training the pelvic floor muscles, transverse and internal oblique muscles of the abdomen

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