5 rules for a beautiful body

Баландина Алёна

Alena Balandina started as a fitness trainer in 2000, in 2006, after meeting Andrey Sidersky and his Y23 system, she began to practice yoga herself, and since 2008 she has been teaching yoga as an instructor and trainer. The mother laid the first foundations for proper nutrition, and she actively began to develop this topic in her own direction after the birth of her son, which is quite understandable. For Be in trend! Alena talks about how to be in harmony with yourself, your body, and watch what you eat.

We’ll agree right away - I won’t talk about “food, don’t combine carbohydrates with proteins, don’t have dinner late” and so on, I try to avoid the role of “Obvious Captain”. “ Eat little, because with a knife and fork we dig a grave for ourselves ” (c) film “Formula of Love” - I cannot but agree.

Cook only from fresh products and only as much as you can eat at a time.

A friend of mine recently said: “It’s clear why everyone in your family is so slender - you don’t have any stocks in the refrigerator !”. And the truth is - if you want to understand how your interlocutor eats, just look, not only "what" is in his refrigerator, but also in what quantity.

It was during this period that I met very interesting people who approached the birth and upbringing of children at that time in a very unconventional, but actually correct way - breastfeeding only up to 1 year, no vaccinations, hardening, dynamic gymnastics and, of course, healthy nutrition, both mother and baby.

Usually, when you stay in some “topic” and a certain space for a long time, somehow imperceptibly this “something” becomes your essence - I can’t say that I forced myself to something and forbade myself something. The transition happened smoothly and imperceptibly, but I don’t want to become a “closed system” and everything new that comes to me and causes inner acceptance in me, I am very glad.

Yoga trainer Alena Balandina: food for a beautiful body. Eat little

I don’t even know how I came to this, given our Khokhlyatsky mentality, which, by the way, forms our eating habits 100%. The habitual principle of nutrition, laid down since childhood, is difficult to change - this level of awareness must be trained every day. I know this from my own experience, because I still form another habit with my husband, gently insisting that pumpkin cream soup is no less tasty (it’s better not to use the word “healthy” at all :-) than potatoes with lard .

My first principle is never to buy products for the future. With freezing (unless it's seasonal berries, some vegetables and herbs) I don't have a relationship at all.

5 rules for a beautiful body from yoga instructura - eat little

From here, two principles appear at once - cook only from fresh products and exactly as much as is eaten at a time (without cutlets for a week and borscht for a month). Of course it’s difficult, but I can’t do it any other way, the Vedic conscience does not order.

Yoga trainer Alena Balandina: food for a beautiful body. Eat little

The fourth principle that my mother taught me is little salt and a lot of spices, I use them always and everywhere. Without turmeric, ginger, rosemary, peppers in the kitchen - like without hands!

5 rules for a beautiful body from yoga instructura - eat little

The fifth principle , which is most pleasant to me, is to eat sweets, but only cooked on your own! I just love pastries, desserts and now I am in a state of searching for unusual flavor combinations.


5 rules for a beautiful body from yoga instructura - eat little

But the main principle in any cooking (and not only), in my opinion, is the mood with which you approach this process. Cooking, and eating, must be in a good mood. And you just have to want to feed someone tasty and have a nice chat!

Simply put, if the mood or well-being is g ... but - then the food will definitely be the same, even the most exquisite. And if everything is good, then a simple omelette will be magical. I think everyone has come across such a situation in restaurants - it seems cool and expensive, and everyone was there, but that's not tasty and that's it.

In general, just listen and hear yourself, what exactly do you want at this particular moment of your life, and most importantly, take full responsibility for what you eat and do. So that later it would not be excruciatingly painful ... not only in a figurative sense.


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