Theory and practice of the two main techniques of abdominal manipulation: vacuum retraction of the abdomen with the traditional name "uddiyana-bandha". It consists in the fact that we create a vacuum in the stomach with the diaphragm and the pressure of the environment, the pressure of the atmosphere, presses the abdominal wall, presses it against the spine, slightly flattening and compressing the internal organs, and due to this, blood seems to “squeeze” out of them, and after how we let go - the blood rushes back there. It turns out very soft, but deep vacuum massage.

“Uddiyana” means “flying up” in translation, and in “Pradipika” there is such a passage: “Uddiyana” the great bird of prana flies up the sushumna, describing the energy component of this process. And in the matter of the circulation of internal time, uddiyana is one of the key techniques, i.e. it allows us to slow down many of the processes associated with the aging of the body. Plus, vacuum massage of internal organs is very useful in itself. And it affects the brain in a special way when an additional flow of energy enters it.

And the second very interesting element of the technique of working with a vacuum in the stomach is the so-called "Nauli". Translated approximately "wave", "wave movement". A technique that is also called "abdominal tourniquet". This is an isolated contraction of a certain part of the muscles of the abdominal wall. It also has a special effect on both the body and the brain, which in turn has a very positive effect on the state of mind.

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Очень сфокусированных нет. Асаны, в целом развивающие мускулатуру торса – улучшают ситуацию с наули. Какой-то волшебной асаны нет.

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Abdominal manipulation techniques «Nauli» and «Uddiyana»

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