This course is dedicated to the formation of a beautiful silhouette in the waist area. It consists of exercises that help to make the stomach flat and toned. And it is also very useful for improving the functioning of the digestive system, in order to tone the abdominal organs. And a nice bonus - it strengthens the muscles of the lumbar back very well. Before each workout, we will do exercises to retract the abdomen, which help to develop and loosen the diaphragm and form correct, full, good breathing. The course is for both men and women, it is not focused on losing weight, or on any other special goals, except to work out the abdomen and lower back. The course includes 7 workouts, the difficulty level is beginner, but you can complicate the program due to the number of repetitions of the sets themselves, you can do each workout 2 times or more. It is advisable to train daily, at least the first time you go through the entire course - you train 7 days in a row. Best of all in the morning, workouts are focused on performance in the morning. Good luck and good mood!

замечательные тренировки! мне очень нравятся! тело поет. спасибо!

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