The first training complex from the Yoga Workout series was developed by Andrey Sidersky specifically for those who practice such a modern type of training activity as CrossFit or any other sport with a wide variety of dynamic loads.

The complex consists of blocks of 3 exercises, which are separated by short relaxations. You can practice the whole complex as a separate workout, or you can divide it into short blocks of three asanas and insert between sets of interval training, between some exercises, maybe even between sets in order to remove all sorts of undesirable effects that are associated with excessive load during dynamic practice or when working with weights.



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Sequence for CrossFit practitioners №1

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Информация о комплексе

Для кого он и что может улучшить в тренировочной жизни спортсменов.

Тренировочный комплекс с объяснениями

Весь комплекс целиком с периодическим объяснением некоторых моментов выполнения упражнений. Для первичного изучения комплекса.

Тренировочный комплекс без объяснений

Весь комплекс целиком без периодических объяснений некоторых моментов выполнения упражнений. 54 минуты тренировки. Для тех, кто полностью изучил комплекс.