Now we are forced to survive and live in stressful conditions for which it seems impossible to fully prepare and adapt.

A little theory to begin with so that we better understand what is happening to us.
According to the theory, stress goes through 3 stages:
1. stage of anxiety - there is a mobilization of forces.
2. stage of resistance - the body resists stress with all its forces and reserves.
3. stage of exhaustion - stress becomes chronic and the body's biological reactions to it worsen physical and mental health, namely:
- the muscles are in a state of constant tension, which provokes headaches and migraines, musculoskeletal pain in the lower back, general muscle contraction, tendon-fascial compressions and a decrease in the amplitude of healthy movement;
- the respiratory tract narrows, which can provoke asthma attacks and panic attacks;
- blood pressure increases, which increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke;
Long-term stress leads to chronic fatigue, depression, malfunctions in the reproductive system and metabolic disorders (diabetes, obesity).

We will not fight with stress. We offer you a package of programs to erase the effects of chronic stress by working with the body, breathing and attention, as well as to create such a physical and psycho-emotional state in which our body will react to chronic stress in a much more balanced way.



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Balancing the physical and psycho-emotional state (UA)

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