Congratulations! This text is a kind of guide, a concise instruction for using training series. You have videos to practice with us. Here we will describe some nuances.

1. The training series consists of asanas - static poses. We call movement (movement) between static poses "transitions". We make all transitions synchronously with breathing. This is a fundamentally important point - our movements must be synchronized with our breathing. To do this, we divide transitions into parts. Each part is performed simultaneously with one of the breathing cycles (inhalation or exhalation). The last part of the transition always coincides with exhalation - this is the rule! To breathe freely in transitions, try to move evenly. Take your time to get to the end point.

2. We use voiced breathing called "ujjayi". In this breathing technique, the glottis is partially covered. Inhalation and exhalation are accompanied by a characteristic hissing sound. The sound should be even, without sharp changes. If you don't immediately succeed in breathing using this technique, then try the following: in a sitting position, exhaling through the nose, say the sound "ha-ah-ah-ah" to yourself. Then transfer this hissing into your breath. If during practice you still do not manage to voice your breath, and you feel excessive tension in your throat, then just breathe quietly and evenly.



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