Effective does not mean difficult and time consuming. 30 minutes filled with attention - this training regimen will very correctly and harmoniously fit into your schedule for the week.

I propose to go through with me a training set of 6 lessons of difficulty level lessons, as I like to call "Beginners ++". What is it I want to say? And the fact that this practice is suitable for beginners and those practitioners who are still mastering the forms of a simple and medium level of complexity. The breath that connects each set into a flow will lead like a guiding thread through each asana, directing attention forward, not allowing you to be distracted by outside thoughts.

The level of asanas is such that for a beginner adept of yoga gymnastics, it will not be very difficult to combine form and breathing, but not easy either ... But the result will not keep you waiting: a surge of energy and vivacity of the whole body.

30 minutes a day for practice is the optimal format for a person with an active lifestyle and a great opportunity to enter regular practice.

  • basic asanas
  • flow breath
  • access to volumetric attention through concentration techniques
  • 30 minutes of effective practice

When, if not now?!


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